Coming up this week

In this kick-off week for Farms, Creeks & Hollows, I  will write about:

  • A guest register my great grandmother used to capture the names, addresses, and thoughts of visitors to her Ohio home from 1963 through 1981.
  • Music and genealogy 
  • Gravestones from small cemeteries in western Massachusetts
  • Cooking with lard

Meanwhile, I will be conducting some of my own genealogical research. Tasks I plan to check off my list include… 

  • Ordering a death certificate from the county clerk in Kanawha County, West Virginia for my paternal great-grandfather, Thomas Reed Bandy. Although he died at 95, the cause of his death was not old age. More about him later.
  • Transcribing the guest register mentioned above.
  • Adding more photos from my grandma’s collection to a blog, where I ask relatives to identify people, places, and dates.
  • Settling on the printing company I will use to publish a book of grandma’s photos later this year.

3 thoughts on “Coming up this week

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  2. I found an article in my mom’s cookbook this morning about a Thomas Reed Bandy. My mom’s maiden name is Bandy. The article was in The Charleston Daily Mail on April 27, 1951. He was 85 at the time. I was wondering if it is the same person. Interesting article!

  3. Hi Donna,

    Wow! That sounds like the right man. I’d love to hear more about the article and your mother. If you want, you can contact me by e-mail: bethmichelle1 @

    Thank you!

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