Who goes there? A guest register tells all.

Guest Book

In 1963, my great grandparents, Paul J. and Alberta Arminda “Bertie” (Watson) Boyd, received a guest book as a “belated 50th anniversary” present. They clearly enjoyed keeping a record of the people who visited their home in Ohio. Paul died in 1975, but Bertie continued collected visitor info in the guest book through 1981, two years before she passed away.

This book is a family history treasure, containing not only names but also addresses for relatives and close family friends. Guests left notes in the comments section that provide insights into the lives they led.

As I mentioned on Monday, one of my genealogy tasks this week is transcribing that guest book. The transcription will obviously be helpful in my own research. It may also be helpful for other people outside of my family trying to do their own genealogy work. This week, I will focus on transcription. Next week, I will try as best I can to verify the details of some funky handwriting. When I am done, I will post a list of surnames found in this guest book here on the blog. (Since some of the people who signed the book are still alive, I won’t post the transcription in its entirety.) If you know anyone doing research on any of the surnames I post, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to do a look-up for you and provide info from the guest book on a case-by-case basis.


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