Guest book surnames – 1963 to 1964

So far, people with the following surnames have shown up in the guest book I am transcribing. Most of these people lived in central and northern Ohio, although some of them were living in North Carolina and Colorado during the years for which I have transcribed entries so far (1963 – 1964). The people who signed this book not only left their names but also often left their home addresses (or, at least, a city and state). Some guests also left interesting comments.

If you have ancestors with any of these surnames and would like to have me do a look-up for you in the guest book, please don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment. Also, be sure to check back here in the future, as I will continue adding surnames in the coming week or two. Please note: I am just listing surnames of people who are deceased.

  • Adams
  • Belcher
  • Boyd
  • Chapman
  • Choate
  • Counts
  • Edwards
  • Flowers
  • Fuller
  • Griffith
  • Gutridge
  • Hankins
  • Hanover
  • Hite
  • McGinnis
  • Patrick
  • Phillips
  • Potter
  • Pruett
  • Saint Arm
  • Sayre
  • Shira
  • Thurston
  • Watson
  • Wonder

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