Family photo collection finally in book form

Book CoverEleven months of work finally came to fruition last night. Around 7:30, I finished putting together a book of family photographs from my late grandmother’s collection. The book,  A Century of Family History: Photographs & Documents from the Collection of Margaret Ruth (Boyd) Patrick, 1850s – 1950s, is now available in two formats through Paperback copies are available at cost ($9.88, a peculiarly specific number), and PDF downloads are also available for free. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used a photo blog to solicit information from far-flung relatives about the people and places in Grandma’s photos. This process was incredibly successful. I posted more than 300 photographs on the blog and received nearly that many comments. Relatives clearly spent a lot of time looking at the pictures.  Last month, for instance, the blog registered more than 1,400 hits. Through the blog, I met relatives from my extended family for the first time and learned a tremendous amount about our family history through the comments they posted.


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