Archibald Throckmorton makes the news nearly 130 years after his death

It never occurred to me that my third great-grandfather, Archibald Throckmorton, would show up in the news these days. After all, he died in 1880. If I had set up a Google Alert for him, however, I would have been notified when he, his wife, and his brother were all discussed in Ohio’s Country Journal, a farming news outlet, last September. I came across the article, “Morrow County Century Farm Still Known by Ancestral Name,” by chance last night.

The article profiled a farm that has been in the Palmer/ Barnett family since 1906. The current owner of that farm, Chris Barnett, told the reporter, “I’ve been here 25 years, and nobody calls this the Barnett Farm… This is the Throckmorton Farm.”

The article goes on to describe how Archibald Throckmorton’s brother acquired the land through a land grant, then sold it to Archibald in 1830. It also briefly touches on how the farm passed out of Throckmorton hands in order to “settle [Archibald’s] estate.” The tale of Archibald’s estate is an interesting one, which I only just discovered while doing research at the Family History Library last week.

By the time of Archibald’s death, his first wife, Ruth (Simpson) Throckmorton, had already been deceased for nine years. I discovered that Archibald remarried a few years before his own death. In addition to a marriage certificate for his union with Emily Salisbury, I also found probate records showed that Emily (Salisbury) Throckmorton, sued the executor of Archibald’s estate to receive greater compensation as his widow. The executor of Archibald’s estate was his son — and my second great-grandfather — Charles Wesley Throckmorton. More about that incident in my next post.


2 thoughts on “Archibald Throckmorton makes the news nearly 130 years after his death

  1. Rebecca Throckmorton was my Great Grandmother. She was the daughter of Archibald and Nancy Simpson Throckmorton.

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