Archibald Throckmorton’s second wife found through probate records

I recently found a series of probate records that truly took me by surprise. These records showed that my second great-grandfather was sued by his step-mother over the limited size of her inheritance. Before seeing these documents, I had not realized that my second great-grandfather, Charles Wesley Throckmorton, had served as executor of his father’s estate. Nor had I known that his father, Archibald Throckmorton, remarried after his long-time wife, Ruth (Simpson) Throckmorton, died in 1871.

Anxious not to confuse unrelated Throckmortons with my own, I searched for other documentation to prove my Archibald had married a woman named Emily sometime between 1871 and 1880, the year of his death. I found this Morrow County, Ohio (the right place) marriage record that shows Archibald Throckmorton marrying Emily Salisbury on July 15, 1875.

(Source: Ohio, Morrow County “Marriage Record,” vol. 3: p.319, Archibald Throckmorton and Emily Salisbury marriage record, 15 July 1875; FHL film #388,782.)

I had previously had trouble locating Archibald in the 1880 census. Searching for “Emily Throckmorton,” however, proved to be the key to finding him. I found him, listed as “Archie”, living with his wife Emily in Sparta, Morrow County, Ohio. Emily was then 65 years old. “Archie” was 75 and suffering from rheumatism. He died in September that year. In October, Emily contested the inheritance she received from Archibald’s estate. Over the next few days, I will post my transcriptions of the probate records concerning Emily’s inheritance. Today’s installment sets the stage.

(Source: Ohio, Probate Court (Morrow County), “Complete Record 1871-1921,” vol. 1: pp. 499-501, Emily Throckmorton probate case, 15 October 1880; FHL microfilm 1,928,463.)

To the honorable Judge of the Probate Court within and for the County of Morrow and State of Ohio,

Your petitioner, Emily Throckmorton, widow of Archibald Throckmorton, deceased. Respectfully represents that the appraisers of the Personal Estate of the said Decedent, allowed the sum of two hundred and seventy five five [sic] ($275.00) dollars in property and money for the support of your petitioner for one year from the time of said decedent’s death. That said sum is insufficient for the purpose aforesaid, and that it will require an additional sum of two hundred and twenty five $225.00 dollars, and the executors of the estate of said Archibald Throckmorton Deceased may be directed to pay the same over to your petitioner in pursuance of the statutes in such cases made and provided – Sparta Ohio, October first A.D. 1880.

Emily Throckmorton

widow of Archibald Throckmorton dec’d

by A.J. Roberts

The State of Ohio

Morrow County SS

Emily Throckmorton being first duly sworn deposes and says that the allegations averments set forth in the forgoing petition are true as she verily believes. attest – A.J. Roberts

Her mark

Emily X Throckmorton

Sworn to and subscribed before one this 15th day of October A.D. 1880.

Andrey J. Roberts, J.P.

(Source: Morrow County, Ohio Probate Court, “Complete Record 1871-1921,” vol. 1: pp. 499-501, Emily Throckmorton probate case, 15 October 1880; FHL microfilm 1,928,463.)


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