Emily Throckmorton’s probate case, part 2

This post picks up where I left off yesterday, transcribing the probate court case brought by Emily Throckmorton, widow of Archibald Throckmorton, in October 1880. In today’s installment, the Probate Judge orders the Morrow County, Ohio sheriff to serve papers to the executors of Archibald Throckmorton’s estate. The papers are served and expenses tallied. More tomorrow…

(Source: Ohio, Probate Court (Morrow County), “Complete Record 1871-1921,” vol. 1: pp. 499-501, Emily Throckmorton probate case, 21-29 October 1880; FHL microfilm 1,928,463.)

State of Ohio

Morrow Count SS

To the Sheriff of Morrow County Ohio greeting:

You are commanded to notify C.W. Throckmorton and F.G. Jackson Exc’s of the last will and testament of Archibald Throckmorton deceased. That Emily Throckmorton widow of the aforesaid Archibald Throckmorton has filed in the probate Court of Morrow County Ohio her petition praying that the aforesaid Court review and increase the allowance of the aforesaid widow for her years support as set off to her by the appraiser of the decenent’s [sic] Estate, and that the prayer of said petition will be heard by this court on the 27th day of November A.D. 1880 at 11 A.M. of said day. And that unless they answer at that time said petition will be taken as true and an order made accordingly. It is further ordered that you make due [illegible] of this order forthwith upon the expectation of the same.

Witness my hand and the seal of the court of Probate of Morrow County Ohio this the 21st day of October A.D. 1880.

W.D. Matthews Probate Judge

The State of Ohio

Morrow County SS

Received this order Oct 21” 1880, And on the 29” day of Oct 1880 I served the same on the within named defendants C.W. Throckmorton by leaving at his place of residence and F.G. Jackson by delivering to him each a true and duly certified copy hereof.

D.C. Sanford     Sheriff

By E.C. Sanford     Deputy

Shff fees

Service $ .55

Copies      .80

Mileage 2.00

Return     .10

Total  $ 3.45


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