Emily Throckmorton’s case, part 3

Emily’s probate court case continued in November 1880 and looked like it would not be resolved until 1881. The final installment comes tomorrow…

This day in open court came Emily Throckmorton widow of Archibald Throckmorton deceased and filed herein duly verified by her affidavit petition praying that the years [sic] allowance as set off to her as the widow of the aforesaid deceased by the appraisive of the Estate of the aforesaid decendent [sic], be reviewed by the court and increased and the court being fully advised in the premises do order that a summons issue to the Executors of the Estate of the aforesaid Archibald Throckmorton notifying them that the same will be heard on the 27day of Nov A.D. 1880 at 10 oclock [sic] A.M.

W. D. Matthews Probate Judge

Probate Court of Morrow County Ohio Nov 27” 1880

Emily Throckmorton



C.W. Throckmorton



This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereupon this cause came on to be heard. Whereupon the same is continued by consent of the present of the parties to the 8day of January A.D. 1881 at 10 A.M. of said day.

W.D. Matthews

Probate Judge

(Source: Ohio, Probate Court (Morrow County), “Complete Record 1871-1921,” vol. 1: pp. 499-501, Emily Throckmorton probate case, 27 November 1880; FHL microfilm 1,928,463.)


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