Probate judge reviews Emily Throckmorton’s probate case

Today’s post concludes the transcription of Emily Throckmorton’s probate case, which started earlier this week. In my next post, I will discuss these documents as they relate to my genealogy research.

Emily Throckmorton



C.W. Throckmorton et al




Review of widows [sic] years [sic] allowance

 Emily Throckmorton widow of Archibald Throckmorton deceased, having filed in this court her petition praying that the years [sic] allowance as set off to her by the appraisers of said estate be reviewed by this court and increased. This day by consent of the parties, this cause came unto be heard, waiving the continuance as heretofore entered of record upon the Journal of this court in this cause. An upon the proofs exhibits and testimony, and the arguments of counsel and upon consideration whereof the court being fully advised in the premises do find that the sum of $275.00 as set off to said widow by the appraisers of said Estate, is insufficient for her support for the period of twelve months from the date of said Archibald Throckmortons [sic] death. It is therefore by the court ordered  adjudged, and decreed that said sum of $275. be increased to the sum of $325.00 being an addition of $50.00 to said first mentioned sum of $275.00. And this shall be the years [sic] allowance of said Emily Throckmorton as contemplated by the statutes of Ohio, in such cases in such cases made and provided. Exclusive of and without the court’s having taken into consideration any rents that may accrue or arise from the leasing of the Mansion house of her deceased husband for the period of one year from date of said decendent’s death or without the court having taken into consideration any right of said widow to occupy the same. It is therefore ordered that the sum of $319.00 be paid to the said Emily Throckmorton of the Estate of said Archibald Throckmorton deceased. The said Emily Throckmorton having selected in personal property belonging to said Estate the sum of $6.00. And it is further ordered and adjudged by the court that the costs that have been accrued in the continuance of this cause, being the witness fees & c taxed at the sum of eight and .81/100 dollars. And it is further ordered that all other costs of this action be paid by the executors of said estate out of the assets of said estate.

W.D. Matthews

Probate Judge

(Source: Ohio, Probate Court (Morrow County), “Complete Record 1871-1921,” vol. 1: pp. 499-501, Emily Throckmorton probate case, 27 November 1880; FHL microfilm 1,928,463.)


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