1908 Throckmorton family portrait, Morrow Co., Ohio

My cousin Joyce took me on a tour of our family’s home sites last year. Without her, I never would have found many old homes, because they have changed so much since our ancestors lived in them. Like many older houses in Morrow County, most of the Victorian features have disappeared from this house over the years.  The intricate woodwork is gone, and the original clapboards have been replaced with vinyl siding. Although the original iron fence no longer lines the road, a few fence panels have been moved to decorate the home’s current main entrance.

The people in the photograph are, left to right: Mary J. (Hicks) Throckmorton, my second great-grandmother; Lizzie (possibly a Throckmorton family foster child); Mary Edna Throckmorton (my great-grandmother); and Verner Throckmorton (Edna’s brother).  This photograph was taken on June 9, 1908 outside the Throckmorton farmhouse on Township Road 197 in Morrow County, Ohio. Mary’s husband (and the father of Edna and Verner) was Charles Wesley Throckmorton, who died eight years before this portrait was taken.


2 thoughts on “1908 Throckmorton family portrait, Morrow Co., Ohio

  1. Hi, I recently went searching for information on an old farmhouse my husband and I just purchased and it lead me to your blog. It’s really cool to see the way our house used to look. While we aren’t trying to restore the house to its original condition we are trying to bring back some of the charm it once had. Do you by chance have any other pictures of the property inside or outside? Thank you Barbara

    • Hi Barbara,

      Congratulations on your new / old home! Unfortunately, I don’t have any other photos of the house, which was a real stunner. I will ask around. If I come up with anything, I will let you know.


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