Edward Alanson Patrick’s 1938 death certificate

Today, I was planning to describe a strange issue that cropped up when I was looking for Edward Alanson Patrick in census records, but I decided to hold off on that post so that I could show his death certificate first.  Of course, examining the death certificate before other documents is the correct genealogical research order. It also makes telling the census story easier.

Among the details shown here are the names of his parents, Alonzo Patrick and Louisa Beard. I will talk about Alonzo and Louisa in my post about the census.


2 thoughts on “Edward Alanson Patrick’s 1938 death certificate

  1. Hi Beth, I ran into your gen inf strictley by acident!
    My name is Geraldine Throckmorton DeJarnett, Carol Amos Patrick
    was husband of my Aunt Edna Th Patrick and therby my Uncle. Are you Harold Wesley Patrick’s & Ruth Boyd Patrick’s Daughter?
    I do not have mucyh information on the Patricks, my favorit cousins, but have done considerable research on the Throckmortons. Would love to hear from you. If I can share information, would be thrilled.

    I have almost put the geneology aside, but love the patricks!

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