Postcards from World War II

New Orleans Postcard - September 18, 1943

During World War II, my grandfather flew 23 bombing missions over France and Germany as a navigator on a B-17. He trained for this work at air force bases around the United States in 1943 and early 1944. My grandmother followed him around from base to base, taking up short-term jobs and having a big adventure along the way.

I visited the family farm in Ohio a couple of weeks ago and came home to Massachusetts with a box full of old postcards, many of which were written by Grandma to her parents during her travels with Grandpa during the war. The postcard above is one of the ones she sent home from New Orleans. On an earlier postcard, she told her parents that she was looking forward to visiting the city. It rained non-stop while they were there, and, on this card, she said she was ready to leave.

My aunt also gave me a briefcase full of Grandpa’s World War II records on my recent Ohio trip. I am planning to put the postcards together with the military records and some other historical reference materials to create a short book about the war in my family. More about that project in the posts to come.


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